We are proud to be able to offer our extensive technical expertise in the coffee industry to service, repair and maintenance of SAECO's range for traditional and fully automatic coffee machines.

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Royal One-Touch is the new line of coffee machines for the office market, fully expressing the excellent quality of Saeco technology.

Saeco Royal One Touch HD office coffee machine is the perfect balance between dimensions and performances: all the best of the professional appliances (double circuit, conical grinder, professional homologation) in an elegant and relatively compact shape.

The wide graphic display, designed to manage both icons and text, and the interface (equipped with large, easy to understand direct selection buttons) make it possible to use and program the machine easily; maintenance and cleaning operations, too, are made easy by the fact that all the parts that require regular care are removable.

Royal One-Touch can dispense coffee and milk-based drinks, as well as hot water and steam for more expert users; it is also equipped with "ONE TOUCH" function, and automatically provide cappuccino and latte macchiato, thanks to a special next generation cappuccinatore, integrated in the nose of the machine.


Price: from
$2395.00 incl GST



The Aulika is the latest addition to Saeco's professional coffee machine range specifically designed for office use. Innovative, functional and easy to use.

At the pinnacle of Saeco's technological innovation, the Aulika has the capacity of delivering Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte and more, making this coffee machine ideal for medium to large offices.

As for practicality, the machine feature a one-touch function where both coffee and milk are integrated into the same pouring group. The new Cappuccinatore (frother) system, not only delivers the perfectly steamed milk that is hot and consistent in temperature, but is also very easy to clean.

The Aulika also comes standard with a hot water / steam wand and a spacious 4L water tank complete with filtration unit. The combination of its water tank capacity and 1kg bean hopper allows the Aulika to produce 100+ cups without having to refill, and a generous waste drawer is fitted to match.


Price: from
$3495.00 incl GST


Saeco Brewing Unit for top quality espresso

Saeco Pre-heating System for brewing unit

High capacity product canisters

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Can make drinks ranging from Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte, Hot Milk, etc

Easy user interface: LCD graphic display and mechanical buttons with large surface labels

Ability to fit the payment systems on the front door

Ability to fit the New Powder Dispensing System

Tall cup version for 20oz cups

Very high professional stainless steel dispensing area


Price: from
$4995.00 incl GST



Saeco Idea Cappuccino is a serious office coffee machine, with features such as a double boiler and 3 water circuits to keep up with the demands of a small cafe or medium to large office.

This coffee machine is well capable of making up to 400 coffees a day but yet compact enough saving on valuable counter-top real estate.

The build in cappuccinatore draws the milk straight from the milk bottle or optional milk fridge to create the best cappuccinos and lattes. Steaming milk and making coffee is a simultaneous process with the Idea Cappuccino thanks to the double boiler (one for water and one for steam).

A separate pannarello steam wand gives professional baristas in small cafes the opportunity to showcase their talent by manually frothing the milk.


Price: from
$7995.00 incl GST

SAECO Syntia Espresso/Cappuccino

The SYNTIA features a simple 4 button interface with a large 60 mm by 40 mm LCD, a 250 gram bean hopper and a ceramic grinder. The Syntia offers two customisable settings for different beverages, coffee strength adjustment and the choice of either a short or long coffee.

The SYNTIA features Saeco's Power-Safe technology, a feature which automatically switches the machine into standby mode to reduce power consumption when idle.

The SYNTIA features rapid steam technology which reduces the time it takes to go from coffee brewing and steam output to just a few seconds so you can froth milk to make lattes, macchiato and capuccinnos.



SAECO Odea Go and Giro

It has never been easier to make café quality cappuccinos, lattes and espresso with ease thanks to Saeco's incorporation of cutting edge technology into all of their coffee machines. The interface of the ODEA GIRO PLUS allows you to control every element of your coffee to ensure that it exceeds your expectations with every cup.

The ODEA GIRO PLUS gives users the choice between 8 different coffee volumes, whilst the incorporation of Saeco's Opti-dose system lets you choose your desired coffee strength.

The ODEA Line also incorporates their Rapid steam system which allows you to transition from brewing coffee to steaming milk in a matter of seconds. The versatility of theODEA GIRO PLUS allows you to make magnificent coffee with a minimum of fuss.

SAECO Royal Cappuccino

Modern features high reliability and an elegant, stylish design is the description of the ROYAL CAPPUCCINO coffee machine. Saeco's ROYAL series brews espresso automatically.

The exclusive "cappuccinatore" enhances frothing by automatically drawing milk directly from a container and dispensing the heated, frothed milk into a cup.

Main Features of this machine: Adjustable Brew Dispensing Head Adjustable Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Automatic Decalcifying Cycle Cup Warming Surface Dose Pre-grinding Dual Spout Dispensing Head Hot Water Nozzle

SAECO Xelsis and Exprelia

Enjoy being served as at the finest café: the XELSIS perfectly adapts to your personal taste. This supreme convenience is matched by its elegant, subtle design – the new definition of premium enjoyment.

The XELSIS leads the way into a new fully automatic coffee machine era. The combination of stainless steel and chrome endows it an elegant and noble touch. 6 one-touch beverages can be personalised by 6 user profiles.

The wide and easy-to-read display allows one-touch functionality and intuitive handling.


SAECO Primea Ring and Touch Plus

The ultimate automatic coffee machine for the home. You will be captivated by its unique design and refinement, its advanced technology and functionality, and its practical ease of use.

Thanks to the exclusive integrated Cappuccinatore, it is the first model capable of preparing two cappuccinos or two latte macchiatos at the same time. The PRIMEA line offers very best in technology, design, and of course, taste.

The PRIMEA TOUCH PLUS features an easy to use. color touch screen, displaying difference images for all 8 beverages it can produce: Cappuccino, hot milk, hot water, espresso, long coffee, coffee, latte macchiato and espresso macchiato.

The PRIMEA features two stainless steel boilers to ensure that there is always water at the right temperature for both brewing, steaming and dispensing hot water.



SAECO Magic Deluxe/Comfort

The MAGIC Range - when coffee becomes a style matter.

The MAGIC Range combines high technology and an original design.

The MAGIC features: an adjustable coffee grinder, coffee dosage adjustment, pre-ground coffee facility, electronically controlled cup warmer, and pre-infusion to ensure a perfect extraction.

Thanks to the rapid steam and to the Pannarello (Steam wand), you can prepare a very good espresso coffee, and if you wait just a few seconds, a creamy cappuccino.

SAECO Talea Giro/Ring/Touch

The TALEA line was designed by BMW Designworks USA and features Saeco's latest innovations including a large touch screen interface, SBS Saeco Brewing System, ceramic disc grinder and motorized drip tray with Touch Lift technology.

This super automatic espresso coffee machine includes Saeco's Milk Island, an automatic milk frothing device. Attached to the base of the machine, the Milk Island draws steam into the carafe, creates perfect froth with the turn of a dial and removes easily for quick cleanup.

The redesigned steam wand allows for manual frothing and also dispenses hot water for tea. With 3 programmable beverage settings, the TALEA TOUCH makes it easier than ever before to customize and brew gourmet coffee drinks at home. Its sleek lines and elegant finish make the TALEA a perfect fit in any kitchen.

SAECO Via Venezia

The VIA VENEZIA is a manual coffee machine with great performance in a compact and easy to use package.

The VIA VENEZIA's body is made of stainless steel. The Crema filter-holder allows you to make excellent coffee with any type of coffee.

The VIA VENEZIA comes with Saeco's pannarello frother for quick and simple frothing of milk, helping you to make great tasting cappuccinos with a minimum of fuss.

The VIA VENEZIA is an excellent entry level espresso machine with simply outstanding performance. A simple, compact and effective coffee machine.

If you love great tasting coffee and enjoy being involved in the coffee making process then the VIA VENEZIA is the right coffee machine for you.

SAECO Incanto Deluxe/Classic

Enjoy the Saeco Rapid-Steam® Technology for fast preparation of lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos.

The INCANTO features common sense controls. Choose the amount of coffee or espresso, its strength, and let the machine do the rest. Perfect espresso, every time topped with golden crema!

Main Features:
The Saeco Brewing System - SBS,
Espresso, Cafe Creme or Regular Coffee ,
Fully Automatic Coffee Brewing,
Hot Water Dispenser & Rapid-Steam®Technology,
Special Pre-Ground Coffee Funnel,
Coffee Strength Selectio,n
Special Pre-infusion Brew System Cycle