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Ice-cream Machine with Built-in Freezer


Mountains of Gelato
To indulge in your favourite flavours of creamy gelato and fresh sorbets SIMAC has created the GELATAIO GC4000E, a formidible machine with a huge 2 litre mixing bowl, allowing you to make as much wickedly delicious ice-cream as you want% The strength of this model lies in its features: a continually refridgerating system combined with a direct freezing technique, and the 2 patented SIMAC inventions of the dual-function mixing blade and the fixing mechanism for the mixing bowl.

"Exclusive" ease of use
Simply pour the ingredients into the stainless steel mixing bowl and the patented, double-action blade will do the rest right before your eyes% Then when all is complete each removeable part can be placed in the dish washer for quick, easy cleaning. How easy is thatÖ

"Exclusive" speed
Continual refrigeration quickens the process and means that the freezing action is always constant. ìDirect Refrigerationî ensures that the "coolness" is tranmitted quickly and without the need to add anti-freezing liquids such as salt-water. Simply pull the lever to release the mixing bowl and you can immediately begin making another batch of your favourite gelato% How quick is thatÖ

Ice-cream Machine with Built-in Freezer

  • BOWL CAPACITY: 1.2 litres.
  • Dimensions (wxdxh) mm: 325x420x234

  • New in design, and above because it uses a new continuous chilling system that will freezer your mixture from the bottome of the bowl.
  • A new patented chilling system optimises transmission of the cold and avoids dispersal. The coil containing the refrigerant fluid is in direct contact with the stainless steel bowl.
  • More ice cream in less time and with less energy consumption.
  • Compressor driven ice cream maker produce all the cold needed rapidly, independently and continuously.
  • These unit carry a real refrigeration system consisting of a hermetic compressor, condenser, fan and evaporator able to provide the freezing power required rapidly.
  • Power 230 Watt.
  • A special patented dual-function churning paddle optimises mixing and whipping of the ingredients.

  • Removable stainless steel bowl.
  • Bowl cover with insulated "cold saver" seal is transparent to check on ice cream preparation.
  • With a single three-function knob: churn-only function to blend the ingredients before preparation; churn-and-freezing function to produce the ice-cream; freezing only function to maintain the ice cream at the right temperature until eaten.
  • Ecological refrigerant fluid R134a.

Domestic Ice-cream Machine

  • An easy and quick way of preparing delicious ice-cream and sorbets
  • Built-in with airtight sealed double walled bowl.
  • The refrigerant completely surrounds the bowl.
  • The bowl must be kept in the freezer to accumulate the necessary cold.
  • Mixing powered by electric motor.
  • Power 35 watt.
  • Lid with hermetic ìcold saverî seal. Transparent to check on ice-cream preparation.
  • Bowl capacity: 1.5 litres to produce 0.900 kg. of ice-cream.
  • Non-stick coated aluminium inner bowl.
  • The bowl is ideal also for instant cooling of any kind of drink, and can be used as ice-bucket or bottle cooler.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Recipe book.